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Most Sportsman Like Vote (2nd Half of the Season)...


7 x Leonard (Nakoda Knights)


4 x Dave (Wire Splitters)

4 x Kendall (No Angry Darts)


3 x Aps (Quack Attacks)

3 x Ryan (Here for Beer)

3 x Eva (Way to Go)

3 x Brian (Scrapers)

3 x Freddie (Load of Bull)

3 x Betty (The Dart Side)

3 x Barry (Here for Beer)


2 x Shannon (The Knock Outs)

2 x Kevin (The Knock Outs)

2 x Brian (The Knock Outs)

2 x Leann (The Knock Outs)

2 x Erik (Wire Splitters)

2 x Laura (Bragg Abouts)

2 x Lee (Bragg Abouts)

2 x Glen (Scrapers)

2 x Paul (Load of Bull)

2 x Steve (Load of Bull)

2 x Reggie (Way to Go)

2 x Joel (Dartitudes)

2 x Rob (Here for Beer)

2 x Todd (The Knock Outs)

2 x Byron (Dartitudes)

2 x Dwayne (Wire Splitters)

2 x Dawn (Scrapers)


1 x Darlene (The Dart Side)

1 x Dennis (The Dart Side)

1 x Mark (The Dart Side)

1 x Amanda (Scrapers)

1 x Rod (Scrapers)

1 x Lisa (Here for Beer)

1 x Craig (Load of Bull)

1 x Sandy (Load of Bull)

1 x Arlene (Wire Splitters)

1 x Harvina (Dartitudes)

1 x Tiffany (Dartitudes)

1 x Dean (Here for Beer)

1 x Dave (No Angry Darts)

1 x Russ (No Angry Darts)

1 x Theresa (No Angry Darts)

1 x Ace (Nakoda Knights)

1 x Blossom (Bragg Abouts)

1 x Teresa (Bragg Abouts)

1 x Greg (Bragg Abouts)

1 x Jenny (Way to Go)





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