President - Andy Harris

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The league president is responsible for the overall operation and accountabilities of the league.


       Duties Include: 

  • Plan and Schedule Executive meetings
  • Ensure the EXECUTIVE fulfill their roles as described in these by-laws
  • Ensure communication and enforcement of disciplinary actions against players
  • Communicate venue requirements to venue management/owners and ensure compliance to minimum requirement set forth in the League rules of play
  • Care, custody, and control of League associations to external affiliations, such as Darts Alberta


Vice-President - Ryan Storch

The Vice-President is responsible to support the President in all league decisions.


        Duties Include:

  • Plan and schedule Captain’s meetings
  • Plan and schedule League AGM and Special General Meetings (SGM)
  • Coordinate League trophies, awards and tournament prizes
  • Control and manage website ownership and licensing agreements
  • Chair Banquet Committee


Secretary - Leann Patriquin

The secretary role is responsible to ensure all necessary league documentation is created, accurate, and available to those who need access to it. The treasure role is responsible for the responsible management of all league funds. 


       Duties Include:  


  • Care, Custody, and Control of league by-laws
  • Production and storage of all league meeting minutes
  • Production and storage of all board member meeting minutes
  • Production and storage of all Captain's meeting minutes


Treasurer - Sarah Spochi 

       Duties Include:  


  • Receipt and management of all banking statements
  • Management of account balance sheets
  • Timely deposit of all incoming cheques and money into the league account
  • Management of league budget
  • Management of bank account accesses and signatories
  • Manage the team and individual registration payments
  • Annual Return for Society Audit


Statistician - Dwayne Eliuk

The Statistician role is responsible for the overall maintenance and coordination of league team and individual statistics.


       Duties Include:

  • Defining, preparing, and distribution of league score cards
  • Collection of weekly score cards and continuously publishing results to members
  • Care, Custody, and Control of completed Score Cards (Hard Copy or Published PDF at cochranedarts.com


Public Relations Officer - Steve Hitchins

The Public Relations Officer is responsible for promoting the league within and soliciting support from the community.


       Duties Include:

  • Coordinate public announcements and media relations within the community
  • Development, disbursement, and collection of league promotional posters
  • Liaise with the Tournament Coordinator to create and provide tournament posters to all team captains in advance of tournament dates
  • Facebook Administration Manager
  • Soliciting for promotional items to promote league events
  • Preparation and promotion of Banquet Tickets


Tournament Coordinator - Ellison Smith

       Duties Include:

  • Schedule season long league play
  • Schedule League Tournaments
  • Schedule Tournaments with hosting venue(s)
  • Head of League Play or Tournament Rules 
  • Assign a Tournament Coordinator at each posted Tournament
  • Ensure Tournament Registration is available to captains, executive, and cochranedarts.com
  • Liaise with the Public Relations Officer to create and provide tournament posters to all team captains in advance of tournament dates
  • Ensure all tournament draw sheets are available at the time of the tournament
  • Provide written tournament rules to players at each tournament location
  • Publish tournament results to cochranedarts.com


Executive Documents

Annual Turkey Shoot Poster

Awards Banquet Tickets Template


Dart Logo 

11 May 2015 ~ Divisional League Meeting #1

24 September 2012 ~ Change of Executive Members & Signing Authority




2010 Executive (From Left to right) ~ Roy Dennis, Andy Harris, Stella Hares, Lee Edwards and John  Lambert.





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