"A" Division 2019 / 20


"A" Division ~ Week 1

20-01-2020 07:30
Here For Beer
Here For Beer
Here For Beer10 : 31Eighty1
Doubles Dave Parker1  1Singles Gabe Wesley
Doubles Shelli Parker1  1Singles Harvey Kaquitts
Doubles Ryan Storch1  1Quads Gardner Poucette
Doubles Mike Salwach1  1Quads Bernadine Baptiste
Doubles Barry Brennan1  1Quads Harvey Kaquitts
Doubles Wanda Morgan1  10Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley
Singles Dave Parker1  1Scored 120+ Gabe Wesley
Singles Dean Spocchi1  2Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley
Singles Mike Salwach1  3Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle
Singles Sarah Spocchi1  2Scored 140+ Tiffany LaBelle
Quads Dave Parker1  2Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette
Quads Ryan Storch1  2Scored 140+ Gardner Poucette
Quads Mike Salwach1  1Scored 100+ Ace Baptiste
Quads Shelli Parker1  1Scored 100+ Bernadine Baptiste
Quads Barry Brennan2  3Scored 100+ Harvey Kaquitts
Quads Dean Spocchi2  1Scored 120+ Harvey Kaquitts
Quads Sarah Spocchi2  1Scored 120+ Ace Baptiste
Quads Wanda Morgan2    
Scored 100+ Dave Parker4    
Scored 120+ Dave Parker3    
Scored 140+ Dave Parker2    
Scored 180 Dave Parker1    
Scored 100+ Mike Salwach4    
Scored 120+ Mike Salwach2    
Scored 140+ Mike Salwach1    
Finish 61+ Mike Salwach1    
Scored 100+ Ryan Storch2    
Finish 61+ Ryan Storch1    
Scored 100+ Barry Brennan6    
Scored 120+ Barry Brennan2    
Scored 140+ Barry Brennan3    
Scored 180 Barry Brennan1    
Finish 61+ Barry Brennan1    
Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi2    
Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi3    
Scored 120+ Sarah Spocchi1    
Finish 61+ Sarah Spocchi1    
1Eighty1 Ducks on the Roof
20-01-2020 07:30 Darty Deeds
Darty Deeds5 : 8The Dart Side
Doubles Ellison Smith1  1Doubles Mark Tilbury
Singles Dana Pasutto1  1Doubles Lee Garland
Singles Ellison Smith1  1Doubles Andy Harris
Quads Ellison Smith1  1Doubles Betty Cassidy
Quads Lori Earnshaw1  1Singles Andy Harris
Quads Arlene Reuer1  1Singles Darlene Tilbury
Quads Dana Pasutto1  1Singles Dennis Cassidy
Quads Eugene Earnshaw1  1Singles Mark Tilbury
Scored 100+ Dana Pasutto3  2Quads Andy Harris
Scored 120+ Dana Pasutto1  2Quads Betty Cassidy
Scored 140+ Dana Pasutto1  2Quads Dennis Cassidy
Scored 100+ Eugene Earnshaw2  2Quads Mark Vulc
Scored 120+ Eugene Earnshaw1  8Scored 100+ Mark Tilbury
Scored 140+ Eugene Earnshaw1  1Scored 120+ Mark Tilbury
Scored 100+ Ellison Smith1  8Scored 100+ Andy Harris
Scored 120+ Ellison Smith3  2Scored 120+ Andy Harris
Scored 120+ Arlene Reuer1  2Scored 140+ Andy Harris
Scored 120+ Lori Earnshaw1  1Finish 61+ Andy Harris
    1Scored 100+ Mark Vulc
    1Scored 100+ Dennis Cassidy
    1Scored 100+ Darlene Tilbury
    2Scored 100+ Lee Garland
    1Scored 120+ Lee Garland
    1Scored 100+ Betty Cassidy
The Dart Side
The Dart Side Cumbrian Arms Pub
20-01-2020 07:30
DILLIGAF9 : 4Armmed 'N' Hammered
Doubles Dan Tobin1  1Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Doubles Daniel Tobin1  1Doubles Rhonda Beckedorf
Singles Dan Tobin1  1Doubles Freddie Powder
Singles Daniel Tobin1  1Doubles Byron Hunter
Singles Linda Howrie1  1Singles Rhonda Beckedorf
Singles Travis Tobin1  1Quads Rhonda Beckedorf
Singles John Robbins1  1Quads Freddie Powder
Quads Ashley Tobin2  1Quads Kevin Beckedorf
Quads Daniel Tobin2  1Quads Byron Hunter
Quads Linda Howrie2  3Scored 100+ Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Quads Travis Tobin2  1Scored 100+ Rhonda Beckedorf
Quads Dan Tobin1  2Scored 120+ Rhonda Beckedorf
Quads John Robbins1  1Scored 140+ Rhonda Beckedorf
Quads Thomas Crummell1  1Finish 61+ Rhonda Beckedorf
Scored 100+ Travis Tobin4  2Scored 100+ Byron Hunter
Scored 120+ Travis Tobin1  1Scored 120+ Byron Hunter
Scored 140+ Travis Tobin1  6Scored 100+ Freddie Powder
Scored 100+ Dan Tobin6  1Scored 120+ Freddie Powder
Scored 120+ Dan Tobin1  2Scored 100+ Kevin Beckedorf
Scored 140+ Daniel Tobin5    
Scored 100+ Daniel Tobin3    
Scored 120+ Daniel Tobin1    
Scored 120+ Thomas Crummell1    
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
20-01-2020 07:30 Mindians
Mindians8 : 5Inglourious Darters
Doubles Colton Twoyoungmen1  1Doubles Keith Galliott
Doubles Reggie Smalleyes1  1Doubles Spare
Doubles Rowan Snow1  1Singles Keith Galliott
Doubles Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  1Singles Shawn Cooper
Singles Reggie Smalleyes1  1Quads Keith Galliott
Singles Colton Twoyoungmen1  1Quads Kevin Dundass
Singles Renwick Snow1  1Quads Spare
Singles Rowan Snow1  1Quads Erik Welmer
Quads Rowan Snow1  1Quads Donna Chmilar
Quads Jenny Smalleyes1  1Quads Shawn Cooper
Quads Reggie Smalleyes1  2Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper
Quads Colton Twoyoungmen1  1Scored 120+ Shawn Cooper
Quads Renwick Snow1  5Scored 100+ Keith Galliott
Quads Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  2Scored 120+ Kevin Dundass
Scored 140+ Renwick Snow2  2Scored 100+ Erik Welmer
Scored 100+ Rowan Snow5  1Scored 120+ Erik Welmer
Scored 140+ Rowan Snow1    
Scored 180 Rowan Snow1    
Finish 61+ Rowan Snow1    
Scored 120+ Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1    
Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes1    
Scored 120+ Reggie Smalleyes1    
Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen2    
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters Royal Canadian Legion

"A" Division ~ Week 2

27-01-2020 07:30
1Eighty14 : 9Mindians
Doubles Harvey Kaquitts1  1Doubles Renwick Snow
Doubles Gardner Poucette1  1Doubles Jenny Smalleyes
Singles Gabe Wesley1  1Doubles Colton Twoyoungmen
Singles Gardner Poucette1  1Doubles Reggie Smalleyes
Quads Gabe Wesley1  1Singles Rowan Snow
Quads Tiffany LaBelle1  1Singles Jenny Smalleyes
Quads Kliman Snow1  1Singles Renwick Snow
Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley5  1Singles Reggie Smalleyes
Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley2  2Quads Colton Twoyoungmen
Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle3  2Quads Renwick Snow
Scored 120+ Tiffany LaBelle1  2Quads Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon
Scored 100+ Harvey Kaquitts5  1Quads Reggie Smalleyes
Scored 120+ Harvey Kaquitts1  1Quads Jenny Smalleyes
Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette3  1Quads Rowan Snow
Scored 100+ Kliman Snow2  1Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes
Finish 61+ Kliman Snow1  2Scored 120+ Jenny Smalleyes
Scored 180 Ace Baptiste1  4Scored 100+ Rowan Snow
    2Scored 120+ Rowan Snow
    1Scored 140+ Rowan Snow
    7Scored 100+ Renwick Snow
    2Scored 120+ Renwick Snow
    4Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes
    1Scored 140+ Reggie Smalleyes
    7Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen
    1Scored 120+ Colton Twoyoungmen
    1Scored 140+ Colton Twoyoungmen
    1Finish 61+ Colton Twoyoungmen
Mindians Ducks on the Roof
27-01-2020 07:30
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters3 : 10Darty Deeds
Singles Erik Welmer1  1Doubles Eugene Earnshaw
Singles Damon Maerz1  1Doubles Spare
Singles Keith Galliott1  1Doubles Manny Misonne
Scored 100+ Erik Welmer6  1Doubles Terri Cussen
Scored 120+ Erik Welmer1  1Doubles Lori Earnshaw
Finish 61+ Erik Welmer1  1Doubles Arlene Reuer
Scored 100+ Keith Galliott3  1Singles Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 100+ Damon Maerz1  1Singles Lori Earnshaw
Scored 120+ Damon Maerz3  1Singles Manny Misonne
    2Quads Eugene Earnshaw
    2Quads Lori Earnshaw
    2Quads Spare
    2Quads Arlene Reuer
    2Quads Manny Misonne
    2Quads Terri Cussen
    1Scored 100+ Arlene Reuer
    1Scored 120+ Arlene Reuer
    3Scored 120+ Lori Earnshaw
    1Finish 61+ Lori Earnshaw
    3Scored 100+ Manny Misonne
    2Scored 120+ Manny Misonne
    2Scored 100+ Eugene Earnshaw
    1Scored 120+ Eugene Earnshaw
    1Scored 100+ Terri Cussen
    1Scored 120+ Terri Cussen
Darty Deeds Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
27-01-2020 07:30
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered5 : 8Here For Beer
Doubles Brian Eddison1  1Doubles Ryan Storch
Doubles Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Doubles Dean Spocchi
Doubles Byron Hunter1  1Singles Barry Brennan
Doubles Donna Eddison1  1Singles Dean Spocchi
Singles Freddie Powder1  1Singles Mike Salwach
Singles Donna Eddison1  1Singles Sarah Spocchi
Quads Freddie Powder1  1Quads Dave Parker
Quads Donna Eddison1  1Quads Mike Salwach
Quads Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Quads Ryan Storch
Scored 100+ Brian Eddison2  1Quads Shelli Parker
Scored 140+ Brian Eddison1  2Quads Barry Brennan
Scored 100+ Byron Hunter1  2Quads Dean Spocchi
Scored 120+ Byron Hunter2  2Quads Sarah Spocchi
Scored 180 Byron Hunter1  2Quads Lisa Storch
Scored 100+ Freddie Powder4  5Scored 100+ Dave Parker
Scored 120+ Freddie Powder1  3Scored 120+ Dave Parker
Scored 120+ Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Finish 61+ Dave Parker
Scored 100+ Rhonda Beckedorf4  1Scored 100+ Ryan Storch
Scored 120+ Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Scored 120+ Ryan Storch
    4Scored 100+ Barry Brennan
    1Scored 120+ Barry Brennan
    1Finish 61+ Ryan Storch
    3Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi
    1Scored 120+ Dean Spocchi
    2Scored 100+ Mike Salwach
    1Scored 120+ Mike Salwach
    1Scored 140+ Sarah Spocchi
    1Finish 100+ Sarah Spocchi
    1Finish 100+ Sarah Spocchi
Here For Beer
Here For Beer Ducks on the Roof
27-01-2020 07:30
The Dart Side
The Dart Side
The Dart Side6 : 7DILLIGAF
Doubles Mark Tilbury1  1Doubles Dan Tobin
Doubles Betty Cassidy1  1Doubles John Robbins
Singles Andy Harris1  1Doubles Daniel Tobin
Singles Mark Tilbury1  1Doubles Travis Tobin
Singles Mark Vulc1  1Singles Ashley Tobin
Quads Andy Harris1  1Singles Daniel Tobin
Quads Dennis Cassidy1  1Singles Travis Tobin
Quads Mark Vulc1  1Quads John Robbins
Quads Mark Tilbury1  1Quads Daniel Tobin
Quads Darlene Tilbury1  1Quads Ashley Tobin
Quads Betty Cassidy1  1Quads Dan Tobin
Quads Lee Garland1  1Quads Linda Howrie
Scored 100+ Andy Harris6  1Quads Travis Tobin
Scored 120+ Andy Harris2  3Scored 100+ Travis Tobin
Scored 100+ Dennis Cassidy1  1Finish 61+ Travis Tobin
Scored 120+ Dennis Cassidy1  3Scored 100+ Daniel Tobin
Scored 140+ Dennis Cassidy1  1Scored 120+ Daniel Tobin
Scored 100+ Mark Tilbury2  2Scored 140+ Daniel Tobin
Finish 61+ Mark Tilbury1  5Scored 100+ Dan Tobin
Scored 100+ Lee Garland1  2Scored 120+ Dan Tobin
Scored 120+ Lee Garland1  4Scored 140+ Dan Tobin
Scored 100+ Betty Cassidy1  2Scored 100+ John Robbins
Scored 100+ Mark Vulc1  1Scored 140+ John Robbins
DILLIGAF Cumbrian Arms Pub

"A" Division ~ Week 3

03-02-2020 07:30 Darty Deeds
Darty Deeds7 : 6Mindians
Doubles Arlene Reuer1  1Doubles Renwick Snow
Doubles Ellison Smith1  1Doubles Rowan Snow
Doubles Eugene Earnshaw1  1Singles Renwick Snow
Doubles Terri Cussen1  1Singles Colton Twoyoungmen
Singles Eugene Earnshaw1  2Quads Colton Twoyoungmen
Singles Lori Earnshaw1  2Quads Renwick Snow
Singles Manny Misonne1  2Quads Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon
Singles Dana Pasutto1  1Quads Rowan Snow
Quads Eugene Earnshaw1  1Quads Jenny Smalleyes
Quads Arlene Reuer1  1Quads Reggie Smalleyes
Quads Manny Misonne1  8Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen
Scored 100+ Eugene Earnshaw1  1Scored 140+ Colton Twoyoungmen
Scored 120+ Eugene Earnshaw2  1Scored 120+ Jenny Smalleyes
Scored 140+ Eugene Earnshaw3  2Scored 100+ Renwick Snow
Scored 100+ Ellison Smith4  2Scored 120+ Renwick Snow
Scored 140+ Ellison Smith1  8Scored 100+ Rowan Snow
Scored 100+ Lori Earnshaw2  1Scored 120+ Rowan Snow
Scored 120+ Lori Earnshaw1  1Scored 180 Rowan Snow
Scored 100+ Arlene Reuer1  1Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes
Scored 120+ Arlene Reuer1    
Scored 100+ Dana Pasutto3    
Scored 120+ Dana Pasutto1    
Scored 120+ Manny Misonne1    
Scored 140+ Manny Misonne1    
Scored 120+ Terri Cussen1    
Mindians Cumbrian Arms Pub
03-02-2020 07:30
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered7 : 61Eighty1
Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Doubles Gabe Wesley
Doubles Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Doubles Tiffany LaBelle
Singles Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Doubles Gardner Poucette
Singles Donna Eddison1  1Doubles Harvey Kaquitts
Singles Byron Hunter1  1Singles Tiffany LaBelle
Singles Brian Eddison1  1Singles Gardner Poucette
Quads Brian Eddison1  1Quads Gabe Wesley
Quads Byron Hunter1  1Quads Tiffany LaBelle
Quads Donna Eddison1  1Quads Raynard Poucette
Quads Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Quads Gardner Poucette
Quads Rhonda Beckedorf1  1Quads Bernadine Baptiste
Scored 100+ Rhonda Beckedorf3  1Quads Ace Baptiste
Scored 100+ Brian Eddison4  1Quads Harvey Kaquitts
Scored 120+ Brian Eddison3  8Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley
Scored 100+ Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  2Scored 120+ Gabe Wesley
Scored 100+ Donna Eddison1  2Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley
Scored 120+ Donna Eddison1  1Scored 100+ Harvey Kaquitts
Scored 100+ Byron Hunter4  1Scored 140+ Harvey Kaquitts
Scored 120+ Byron Hunter1  1Finish 61+ Harvey Kaquitts
Scored 140+ Byron Hunter1  2Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle
    2Scored 120+ Tiffany LaBelle
    1Scored 120+ Gardner Poucette
    2Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette
    1Scored 100+ Raynard Poucette
    1Scored 120+ Bernadine Baptiste
    1Scored 100+ Ace Baptiste
1Eighty1 Ducks on the Roof
03-02-2020 07:30
DILLIGAF10 : 3Inglourious Darters
Doubles Thomas Crummell1  1Singles Erik Welmer
Doubles Travis Tobin1  1Singles Damon Maerz
Doubles Daniel Tobin1  1Quads Erik Welmer
Doubles Linda Howrie1  1Quads Damon Maerz
Doubles Dan Tobin1  1Quads Kevin Dundass
Doubles John Robbins1  2Scored 100+ Damon Maerz
Singles Travis Tobin1  1Scored 120+ Damon Maerz
Singles Daniel Tobin1  1Scored 140+ Damon Maerz
Singles Dan Tobin1  1Scored 100+ Erik Welmer
Singles John Robbins1  1Scored 120+ Erik Welmer
Quads Dan Tobin2  2Scored 140+ Erik Welmer
Quads John Robbins2  3Scored 100+ Kevin Dundass
Quads Linda Howrie2  3Scored 100+ Keith Galliott
Quads Daniel Tobin1  1Scored 120+ Donna Chmilar
Quads Travis Tobin1    
Quads Thomas Crummell1    
Scored 100+ John Robbins2    
Scored 120+ John Robbins2    
Scored 100+ Dan Tobin2    
Scored 120+ Dan Tobin2    
Scored 140+ Dan Tobin1    
Scored 100+ Daniel Tobin5    
Scored 120+ Daniel Tobin1    
Scored 140+ Daniel Tobin2    
Finish 61+ Daniel Tobin1    
Scored 100+ Travis Tobin7    
Scored 100+ Thomas Crummell1    
Scored 100+ Linda Howrie1    
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
03-02-2020 07:30
Here For Beer
Here For Beer
Here For Beer8 : 5The Dart Side
Doubles Barry Brennan1  1Doubles Andy Harris
Doubles Lisa Storch1  1Doubles Mark Vulc
Singles Dave Parker1  1Doubles Mark Tilbury
Singles Barry Brennan1  1Doubles Lee Garland
Singles Ryan Storch1  2Quads Mark Tilbury
Singles Mike Salwach1  2Quads Lee Garland
Singles Dean Spocchi1  2Quads Dennis Cassidy
Singles Sarah Spocchi1  1Quads Andy Harris
Quads Dave Parker1  1Quads Dennis Cassidy
Quads Ryan Storch1  1Quads Mark Vulc
Quads Mike Salwach1  1Quads Betty Cassidy
Quads Shelli Parker1  5Scored 100+ Andy Harris
Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi6  3Scored 140+ Andy Harris
Scored 120+ Dean Spocchi1  5Scored 100+ Mark Tilbury
Scored 140+ Dean Spocchi1  1Scored 140+ Mark Tilbury
Scored 100+ Dave Parker5  4Scored 100+ Lee Garland
Scored 120+ Dave Parker2  1Scored 140+ Dennis Cassidy
Scored 140+ Dave Parker2  1Finish 61+ Mark Tilbury
Scored 100+ Barry Brennan2    
Scored 140+ Barry Brennan1    
Finish 61+ Barry Brennan1    
Scored 100+ Ryan Storch1    
Finish 61+ Mike Salwach1    
Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi1    
Scored 120+ Sarah Spocchi1    
Finish 61+ Sarah Spocchi1    
Scored 100+ Lisa Storch1    
The Dart Side
The Dart Side Ducks on the Roof

"A" Division ~ Week 4

10-02-2020 07:30
1Eighty16 : 7Darty Deeds
Doubles Gardner Poucette1  1Doubles Dana Pasutto
Doubles Harvey Kaquitts1  1Doubles Arlene Reuer
Doubles Aaron Baptiste1  1Singles Eugene Earnshaw
Doubles Bernadine Baptiste1  1Singles Manny Misonne
Singles Bernadine Baptiste1  1Singles Dana Pasutto
Singles Gabe Wesley1  1Quads Dana Pasutto
Singles Gardner Poucette1  1Quads Manny Misonne
Quads Gabe Wesley1  1Quads Terri Cussen
Quads Aaron Baptiste1  2Quads Eugene Earnshaw
Quads Tiffany LaBelle1  2Quads Arlene Reuer
Scored 100+ Aaron Baptiste2  2Quads Lori Earnshaw
Finish 61+ Aaron Baptiste1  4Scored 100+ Dana Pasutto
Scored 100+ Bernadine Baptiste2  2Scored 120+ Dana Pasutto
Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette5  1Scored 140+ Dana Pasutto
Scored 120+ Gardner Poucette2  1Finish 61+ Dana Pasutto
Scored 140+ Gardner Poucette2  1Scored 100+ Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 180 Gardner Poucette1  2Scored 120+ Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette4  1Finish 100+ Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 120+ Gardner Poucette1  1Scored 120+ Terri Cussen
Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley8  1Scored 100+ Manny Misonne
Scored 120+ Gabe Wesley2  1Scored 140+ Manny Misonne
Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle5  1Finish 61+ Manny Misonne
Scored 120+ Tiffany LaBelle2  2Scored 120+ Arlene Reuer
Scored 140+ Tiffany LaBelle1    
Darty Deeds Ducks on the Roof
10-02-2020 07:30
The Dart Side
The Dart Side
The Dart Side4 : 9Armmed 'N' Hammered
Doubles Mark Tilbury1  1Doubles Byron Hunter
Doubles Darlene Tilbury1  1Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Doubles Betty Cassidy1  1Singles Kevin Beckedorf
Doubles Dennis Cassidy1  1Singles Rhonda Beckedorf
Singles Mark Tilbury1  1Singles Brian Eddison
Quads Mark Tilbury1  1Singles Donna Eddison
Quads Lee Garland1  1Singles Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Quads Darlene Tilbury1  1Quads Kevin Beckedorf
Scored 100+ Mark Tilbury5  1Quads Byron Hunter
Scored 120+ Mark Tilbury1  1Quads Donna Eddison
Scored 140+ Mark Tilbury2  2Quads Brian Eddison
Scored 180 Mark Tilbury2  2Quads Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Finish 61+ Mark Tilbury1  2Quads Rhonda Beckedorf
Scored 100+ Dennis Cassidy5  4Scored 100+ Brian Eddison
Scored 120+ Dennis Cassidy1  2Scored 120+ Brian Eddison
Scored 140+ Dennis Cassidy2  2Scored 100+ Kevin Beckedorf
Scored 120+ Darlene Tilbury1  1Scored 140+ Kevin Beckedorf
Scored 100+ Lee Garland4  1Finish 61+ Kevin Beckedorf
Scored 100+ Mark Vulc2  2Scored 100+ Rhonda Beckedorf
Scored 120+ Mark Vulc1  1Scored 120+ Rhonda Beckedorf
    2Scored 100+ Byron Hunter
    1Scored 120+ Byron Hunter
    1Scored 140+ Byron Hunter
    1Scored 100+ Donna Eddison
    1Scored 120+ Donna Eddison
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered Cumbrian Arms Pub
10-02-2020 07:30 Mindians
Mindians7 : 6DILLIGAF
Doubles Renwick Snow1  1Doubles Dan Tobin
Doubles Reggie Smalleyes1  1Doubles Linda Howrie
Doubles Colton Twoyoungmen1  1Singles Dan Tobin
Doubles Rowan Snow1  1Singles Daniel Tobin
Singles Reggie Smalleyes1  1Singles Travis Tobin
Singles Colton Twoyoungmen1  1Quads Daniel Tobin
Singles Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  1Quads Kim McNalley
Quads Rowan Snow2  1Quads Travis Tobin
Quads Rowan Snow2  1Quads John Robbins
Quads Jenny Smalleyes2  1Quads Linda Howrie
Scored 100+ Rowan Snow6  1Quads Dan Tobin
Scored 120+ Rowan Snow1  9Scored 100+ Daniel Tobin
Scored 140+ Rowan Snow2  2Scored 140+ Daniel Tobin
Scored 120+ Renwick Snow1  2Scored 100+ John Robbins
Scored 140+ Renwick Snow1  1Scored 140+ John Robbins
Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes1  1Finish 61+ John Robbins
Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen5  1Scored 100+ Dan Tobin
Scored 120+ Colton Twoyoungmen1  4Scored 120+ Dan Tobin
Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes2  3Scored 140+ Dan Tobin
    3Scored 100+ Travis Tobin
    1Scored 120+ Travis Tobin
    1Scored 100+ Linda Howrie
    1Scored 100+ Kim McNalley
    1Finish 100+ Dan Tobin
DILLIGAF Royal Canadian Legion
10-02-2020 07:30
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters2 : 11Here For Beer
Doubles Damon Maerz1  1Doubles Dave Parker
Doubles Shawn Cooper1  1Doubles Shelli Parker
Singles Keith Galliott1  1Doubles Mike Salwach
Scored 100+ Donna Chmilar1  1Singles Barry Brennan
Scored 120+ Donna Chmilar1  1Singles Dave Parker
Scored 100+ Keith Galliott2  1Singles Dean Spocchi
Scored 120+ Keith Galliott1  1Singles Mike Salwach
Scored 180 Keith Galliott1  1Singles Sarah Spocchi
Scored 100+ Erik Welmer2  2Quads Dave Parker
Finish 61+ Erik Welmer1  2Quads Mike Salwach
Scored 100+ Damon Maerz3  2Quads Ryan Storch
Scored 120+ Damon Maerz1  2Quads Shelli Parker
Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper2  2Quads Barry Brennan
    2Quads Dean Spocchi
    2Quads Lisa Storch
    2Quads Sarah Spocchi
    10Scored 100+ Dave Parker
    4Scored 120+ Dave Parker
    3Scored 140+ Dave Parker
    2Scored 100+ Ryan Storch
    6Scored 100+ Barry Brennan
    1Scored 120+ Barry Brennan
    2Scored 140+ Barry Brennan
    4Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi
    1Finish 61+ Dean Spocchi
    2Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi
    1Scored 180 Sarah Spocchi
    1Finish 61+ Sarah Spocchi
    2Scored 100+ Mike Salwach
    1Scored 120+ Mike Salwach
Here For Beer
Here For Beer Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel

"A" Division ~ Week 5

24-02-2020 07:30
The Dart Side
The Dart Side
The Dart Side7 : 61Eighty1
Doubles Andy Harris1  1Doubles Aaron Baptiste
Doubles Betty Cassidy1  1Doubles Gabe Wesley
Doubles Dennis Cassidy1  1Singles Aaron Baptiste
Doubles Mark Vulc1  1Singles Harvey Kaquitts
Singles Mark Vulc1  1Singles Gabe Wesley
Singles Mark Tilbury1  2Quads Aaron Baptiste
Singles Andy Harris1  2Quads Gabe Wesley
Quads Darlene Tilbury1  2Quads Raynard Poucette
Quads Mark Tilbury1  2Quads Tiffany LaBelle
Quads Lee Garland1  4Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley
Quads Andy Harris1  1Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley
Quads Dennis Cassidy1  1Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette
Quads Betty Cassidy1  1Scored 120+ Gardner Poucette
Quads Mark Vulc1  1Scored 140+ Gardner Poucette
Scored 100+ Andy Harris6  1Scored 180 Gardner Poucette
Scored 140+ Andy Harris1  1Scored 100+ Harvey Kaquitts
Finish 61+ Andy Harris1  1Finish 61+ Harvey Kaquitts
Finish 61+ Andy Harris1  2Scored 100+ Ace Baptiste
Scored 100+ Mark Tilbury7  1Scored 100+ Raynard Poucette
Scored 140+ Mark Tilbury1  1Scored 100+ Aaron Baptiste
Scored 100+ Dennis Cassidy4  3Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle
Scored 100+ Mark Vulc1    
Scored 140+ Mark Vulc1    
Scored 100+ Lee Garland2    
Scored 100+ Darlene Tilbury1    
1Eighty1 Cumbrian Arms Pub
24-02-2020 07:30
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered9 : 4Inglourious Darters
Doubles Byron Hunter1  1Doubles Donna Chmilar
Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Doubles Shawn Cooper
Singles Byron Hunter1  1Doubles Keith Galliott
Singles Freddie Powder1  1Doubles Craig Skimmings
Singles Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Singles Shawn Cooper
Singles Brian Eddison1  1Singles Erik Welmer
Quads Brian Eddison2  3Scored 100+ Damon Maerz
Quads Freddie Powder2  1Scored 120+ Damon Maerz
Quads Natoshia (Bear) Powder2  1Scored 140+ Damon Maerz
Quads Byron Hunter2  1Scored 140+ Shawn Cooper
Quads Rhonda Beckedorf2  2Scored 100+ Keith Galliott
Quads Donna Eddison2  1Scored 120+ Keith Galliott
Scored 100+ Freddie Powder2  1Scored 100+ Craig Skimmings
Scored 100+ Byron Hunter2  2Scored 100+ Erik Welmer
Scored 120+ Byron Hunter1  1Scored 140+ Erik Welmer
Scored 180 Byron Hunter1    
Finish 61+ Byron Hunter1    
Scored 120+ Natoshia (Bear) Powder1    
Scored 140+ Brian Eddison1    
Scored 120+ Donna Eddison1    
Scored 100+ Rhonda Beckedorf1    
Scored 120+ Rhonda Beckedorf1    
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters Ducks on the Roof
24-02-2020 07:30
Here For Beer
Here For Beer
Here For Beer9 : 4Mindians
Doubles Dave Parker1  1Doubles Colton Twoyoungmen
Doubles Shelli Parker1  1Doubles Rowan Snow
Singles Dave Parker1  1Doubles Renwick Snow
Singles Barry Brennan1  1Doubles Reggie Smalleyes
Singles Mike Salwach1  1Singles Colton Twoyoungmen
Singles Dean Spocchi1  1Singles Rowan Snow
Quads Dave Parker2  6Scored 100+ Rowan Snow
Quads Mike Salwach2  1Scored 120+ Rowan Snow
Quads Dean Spocchi2  1Scored 140+ Rowan Snow
Quads Shelli Parker2  7Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen
Quads Barry Brennan2  1Scored 140+ Colton Twoyoungmen
Quads Sarah Spocchi2  1Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes
Quads Lisa Storch2  1Scored 120+ Renwick Snow
Scored 100+ Barry Brennan7    
Scored 140+ Barry Brennan3    
Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi3    
Scored 140+ Dean Spocchi1    
Finish 61+ Dean Spocchi1    
Scored 100+ Dave Parker4    
Scored 140+ Dave Parker1    
Scored 180 Dave Parker1    
Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi1    
Scored 140+ Sarah Spocchi1    
Scored 100+ Mike Salwach1    
Mindians Ducks on the Roof
24-02-2020 07:30
DILLIGAF5 : 8Darty Deeds
Doubles John Robbins1  1Doubles Ellison Smith
Doubles Dan Tobin1  1Doubles Lori Earnshaw
Singles Ashley Tobin1  1Doubles Manny Misonne
Singles Dan Tobin1  1Doubles Terri Cussen
Singles Daniel Tobin1  1Singles Eugene Earnshaw
Quads Dan Tobin1  1Singles Lori Earnshaw
Quads Linda Howrie1  1Singles Arlene Reuer
Quads John Robbins1  2Quads Ellison Smith
Scored 100+ Daniel Tobin5  2Quads Lori Earnshaw
Scored 120+ Daniel Tobin1  2Quads Arlene Reuer
Scored 140+ Daniel Tobin1  1Quads Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 100+ Dan Tobin5  1Quads Manny Misonne
Scored 120+ Dan Tobin1  1Quads Terri Cussen
Finish 61+ Dan Tobin1  7Scored 100+ Ellison Smith
Scored 100+ John Robbins2  1Scored 120+ Ellison Smith
Scored 120+ Ashley Tobin1  1Scored 140+ Ellison Smith
    4Scored 100+ Manny Misonne
    1Scored 120+ Manny Misonne
    2Scored 140+ Manny Misonne
    1Finish 61+ Manny Misonne
    2Scored 120+ Arlene Reuer
    1Scored 171 Arlene Reuer
    1Scored 120+ Eugene Earnshaw
    3Scored 140+ Eugene Earnshaw
    1Scored 100+ Lori Earnshaw
    1Scored 120+ Lori Earnshaw
    2Scored 140+ Lori Earnshaw
Darty Deeds Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
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