All Teams Round Robin 2021 / 2022


Week 1

22-11-2021 00:00 3 Darts to the Wind
3 Darts to the Wind5 : 81Eighty1
Doubles Herb Smith0  1Doubles Harvey Kaquitts
Doubles Iris Bennett0  1Doubles Gardner Poucette
Doubles Todd Flynn0  1Doubles Kliman Snow
Doubles Ivan Bennett0  1Doubles Bernadine Baptiste
Doubles Jeanette Flynn0  1Doubles Gabe Wesley
Doubles Dennis Brawett0  1Doubles Tiffany LaBelle
Singles Herb Smith1  0Singles Kliman Snow
Singles Iris Bennett1  0Singles Bernadine Baptiste
Singles Todd Flynn0  1Singles Harvey Kaquitts
Singles Ivan Bennett0  1Singles Tiffany LaBelle
Singles Jeanette Flynn0  1Singles Gabe Wesley
Singles Dennis Brawett0  1Singles Gardner Poucette
Triples Herb Smith1  0Triples Kliman Snow
Triples Jeanette Flynn1  0Triples Bernadine Baptiste
Triples Dennis Brawett1  0Triples Gardner Poucette
Triples Todd Flynn2  1Triples Gabe Wesley
Triples Iris Bennett2  1Triples Tiffany LaBelle
Triples Ivan Bennett2  1Triples Harvey Kaquitts
Scored 100+ Iris Bennett1  4Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley
Scored 100+ Jeanette Flynn1  4Scored 100+ Kliman Snow
Scored 100+ Herb Smith1  1Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette
Scored 120+ Todd Flynn1  2Scored 100+ Harvey Kaquitts
Scored 120+ Ivan Bennett1  2Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle
Scored 120+ Jeanette Flynn1  2Scored 120+ Gardner Poucette
    1Scored 120+ Harvey Kaquitts
    1Scored 140+ Harvey Kaquitts
    1Scored 180 Gabe Wesley
    1Scored 180 Harvey Kaquitts
1Eighty1 Ducks on the Roof
22-11-2021 00:00
Here For Beer
Here For Beer
Here For Beer12 : 1Th Flying Rippy's Rejects
Doubles Dave Parker1  0Doubles Mark Buitenhuis
Doubles Shelli Parker1  0Doubles Craig Zenner
Doubles Lisa Storch1  0Doubles Dany Messier
Doubles Dean Spocchi1  0Doubles Spare
Doubles Sarah Spocchi1  0Doubles Mark Buitenhuis
Singles Dave Parker1  0Doubles Dany Messier
Singles Mike Salwach1  0Singles Mark Buitenhuis
Singles Ryan Storch1  0Singles Craig Zenner
Singles Sarah Spocchi1  0Singles Dany Messier
Doubles Barry Brennan1  0Singles Spare
Singles Barry Brennan1  0Singles Mark Buitenhuis
Singles Dean Spocchi1  0Singles Craig Zenner
Triples Dave Parker2  0Triples Mark Buitenhuis
Triples Mike Salwach2  0Triples Casper
Triples Ryan Storch2  0Triples Craig Zenner
Triples Shelli Parker2  1Triples Dany Messier
Triples Barry Brennan1  1Triples Spare
Triples Dean Spocchi1  1Triples Casper
Triples Sarah Spocchi1  1Finish 100+ Dany Messier
Triples Lisa Storch1  3Scored 100+ Craig Zenner
Scored 100+ Dave Parker6  1Scored 120+ Dany Messier
Scored 100+ Barry Brennan5  1Scored 120+ Mark Buitenhuis
Scored 100+ Mike Salwach4    
Scored 100+ Ryan Storch1    
Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi1    
Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi1    
Scored 120+ Dean Spocchi1    
Scored 140+ Dave Parker2    
Scored 140+ Barry Brennan2    
Scored 140+ Mike Salwach1    
Scored 140+ Ryan Storch1    
Scored 180 Ryan Storch1    
Finish 61+ Barry Brennan1    
Finish 61+ Dave Parker1    
Th Flying Rippy's Rejects Ducks on the Roof
22-11-2021 00:00 Darty Deeds
Darty Deeds13 : 0I Quit
Doubles Ellison Smith1  0Doubles Emilio Dixon
Doubles Dwayne Eliuk1  0Doubles Tonya Simeon
Doubles Andy Harris1  0Doubles Alex Poucette
Doubles Lori Earnshaw1  0Doubles Tacey Bigstoney
Doubles Eugene Earnshaw1  0Doubles Clinton Dixon
Doubles Russ Baldwin1  0Doubles Eldrena Dixon
Singles Dana Pasutto1  0Singles Alex Poucette
Singles Lori Earnshaw1  0Singles Clinton Dixon
Singles Eugene Earnshaw1  0Singles Emilio Dixon
Singles Russ Baldwin1  0Singles Tonya Simeon
Singles Andy Harris1  0Singles Tacey Bigstoney
Singles Ellison Smith1  0Singles Eldrena Dixon
Triples Ellison Smith2  0Triples Tonya Simeon
Triples Andy Harris2  0Triples Tacey Bigstoney
Triples Lori Earnshaw2  0Triples Eldrena Dixon
Triples Eugene Earnshaw2  0Triples Clinton Dixon
Triples Dwayne Eliuk2  0Triples Alex Poucette
Triples Dana Pasutto2  0Triples Emilio Dixon
Triples Russ Baldwin2  1Scored 100+ Tacey Bigstoney
Scored 100+ Dwayne Eliuk2  1Scored 100+ Clinton Dixon
Scored 100+ Andy Harris5  2Scored 120+ Alex Poucette
Scored 100+ Dana Pasutto3  1Scored 140+ Alex Poucette
Scored 100+ Eugene Earnshaw5    
Scored 100+ Russ Baldwin2    
Scored 100+ Lori Earnshaw2    
Scored 140+ Dana Pasutto2    
Scored 140+ Russ Baldwin1    
Scored 140+ Ellison Smith2    
Finish 61+ Dwayne Eliuk1    
I Quit
I Quit Cumbrian Arms Pub
22-11-2021 00:00
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters6 : 7Old Darts
Doubles Erik Welmer0  1Doubles John Lambert
Doubles Shannon Osiowy0  1Doubles Dawn Gillard
Doubles Kevin Dundass1  0Doubles Eric George
Doubles Shawn Cooper1  0Doubles Spare
Doubles Keith Galliott1  0Doubles Rod Baker
Doubles Jason Evans1  0Doubles Roy Perkins
Singles Erik Welmer0  1Singles Dawn Gillard
Singles Kevin Dundass0  0Singles John Lambert
Singles Keith Galliott1  1Singles Spare
Singles Shannon Osiowy0  1Singles Roy Perkins
Singles Jason Evans0  0Singles Rod Baker
Singles Shawn Cooper1  7Scored 100+ Eric George
Triples Erik Welmer2  2Scored 100+ John Lambert
Triples Shawn Cooper2  1Scored 100+ Dawn Gillard
Triples Jason Evans2  1Scored 100+ Rod Baker
Triples Kevin Dundass0  2Scored 120+ Eric George
Triples Keith Galliott0  1Scored 120+ John Lambert
Triples Shannon Osiowy0  2Scored 140+ Eric George
Scored 100+ Erik Welmer7  1Scored 140+ John Lambert
Scored 100+ Keith Galliott1  1Scored 140+ Rod Baker
Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper2  1Finish 61+ Dawn Gillard
Scored 120+ Erik Welmer1  1Finish 61+ John Lambert
Scored 120+ Keith Galliott1    
Scored 120+ Kevin Dundass1    
Scored 140+ Erik Welmer2    
Scored 140+ Kevin Dundass1    
Old Darts
Old Darts Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
22-11-2021 00:00
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered6 : 7Mindians
Doubles Brian Eddison1  0Doubles Jenny Smalleyes
Doubles Taien Fox1  0Doubles Spare
Doubles Shayden Powder0  1Doubles Colton Twoyoungmen
Doubles Matt McQue0  1Doubles Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon
Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder0  1Doubles Rowan Snow
Singles Taien Fox0  1Doubles Reggie Smalleyes
Singles Donna Eddison1  1Singles Rowan Snow
Singles Brian Eddison1  0Singles Colton Twoyoungmen
Singles Natoshia (Bear) Powder0  0Singles Reggie Smalleyes
Singles Matt McQue0  1Singles Spare
Singles Shayden Powder0  1Singles Jenny Smalleyes
Triples Matt McQue2  1Singles Jenny Smalleyes
Triples Brian Eddison2  0Triples Colton Twoyoungmen
Triples Donna Eddison2  0Triples Jenny Smalleyes
Triples Taien Fox1  0Triples Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon
Triples Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Triples Rowan Snow
Triples Shayden Powder1  1Triples Jenny Smalleyes
Scored 100+ Taien Fox3  1Triples Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon
Scored 120+ Brian Eddison1  3Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen
Scored 120+ Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes
Scored 140+ Taien Fox1  1Scored 100+ Rowan Snow
Finish 61+ Shayden Powder1  1Scored 120+ Rowan Snow
    1Scored 140+ Rowan Snow
Mindians Royal Canadian Legion

Week 2

29-11-2021 00:00 Th Flying Rippy's Rejects
Th Flying Rippy's Rejects2 : 11Darty Deeds
Doubles Mark Buitenhuis0  0Doubles Spare
Doubles Matthew Seewalt0  1Doubles Andy Harris
Doubles Mark Buitenhuis0  1Doubles Arlene Reuer
Singles Matthew Seewalt0  1Doubles Ellison Smith
Singles Mark Buitenhuis1  1Doubles Dana Pasutto
Doubles Dany Messier0  1Doubles Dwayne Eliuk
Triples Matthew Seewalt0  1Doubles Russ Baldwin
Triples Mark Buitenhuis0  0Singles Arlene Reuer
Triples Dany Messier0  1Singles Andy Harris
Scored 120+ Mark Buitenhuis1  1Singles Dana Pasutto
Scored 120+ Dany Messier1  0Singles Russ Baldwin
    1Singles Dwayne Eliuk
    1Singles Ellison Smith
    2Triples Ellison Smith
    2Triples Arlene Reuer
    2Triples Andy Harris
    2Triples Dana Pasutto
    2Triples Dwayne Eliuk
    2Triples Russ Baldwin
    2Scored 100+ Ellison Smith
    6Scored 100+ Andy Harris
    10Scored 100+ Dwayne Eliuk
    1Scored 100+ Russ Baldwin
    2Scored 100+ Dana Pasutto
    2Scored 120+ Ellison Smith
    2Scored 120+ Dwayne Eliuk
    1Scored 120+ Russ Baldwin
    1Scored 140+ Andy Harris
    2Scored 140+ Russ Baldwin
    1Finish 61+ Ellison Smith
    1Finish 61+ Dwayne Eliuk
    1Finish 100+ Dana Pasutto
Darty Deeds Ducks on the Roof
29-11-2021 00:00
I Quit
I Quit
I Quit1 : 12Armmed 'N' Hammered
Doubles Alex Poucette0  1Doubles Spare
Doubles Tacey Bigstoney0  1Doubles Brian Eddison
Doubles Emilio Dixon0  1Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Doubles Tonya Simeon0  1Doubles Kevin Beckedorf
Doubles Clinton Dixon1  0Doubles Donna Eddison
Doubles Eldrena Dixon1  0Doubles Matt McQue
Singles Tonya Simeon0  1Singles Spare
Singles Clinton Dixon0  1Singles Brian Eddison
Singles Tacey Bigstoney0  1Singles Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Singles Alex Poucette0  1Singles Kevin Beckedorf
Singles Emilio Dixon0  1Singles Donna Eddison
Singles Eldrena Dixon0  1Singles Matt McQue
Triples Clinton Dixon0  2Triples Brian Eddison
Triples Emilio Dixon0  2Triples Matt McQue
Triples Alex Poucette0  2Triples Kevin Beckedorf
Triples Eldrena Dixon0  2Triples Spare
Triples Tonya Simeon0  2Triples Natoshia (Bear) Powder
Triples Tacey Bigstoney0  2Triples Donna Eddison
Scored 100+ Clinton Dixon3  2Scored 100+ Matt McQue
Scored 100+ Alex Poucette2  2Scored 100+ Kevin Beckedorf
Scored 100+ Tonya Simeon1  1Scored 100+ Brian Eddison
Finish 61+ Clinton Dixon1  2Scored 120+ Donna Eddison
    1Scored 120+ Kevin Beckedorf
    2Scored 120+ Brian Eddison
    1Scored 140+ Brian Eddison
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
29-11-2021 00:00
1Eighty16 : 7Here For Beer
Doubles Gardner Poucette1  0Doubles Mike Salwach
Doubles Bernadine Baptiste1  0Doubles Lisa Storch
Doubles Harvey Kaquitts1  0Doubles Ryan Storch
Singles Gabe Wesley0  0Doubles Dean Spocchi
Singles Gardner Poucette1  1Doubles Ryan Storch
Singles Tiffany LaBelle0  1Doubles Sarah Spocchi
Singles Harvey Kaquitts0  1Singles Mike Salwach
Singles Bernadine Baptiste0  0Singles Ryan Storch
Triples Gabe Wesley1  1Singles Sarah Spocchi
Triples Tiffany LaBelle1  1Singles Dean Spocchi
Triples Gardner Poucette1  1Singles Mike Salwach
Triples Bernadine Baptiste1  0Singles Lisa Storch
Triples Harvey Kaquitts1  0Triples Mike Salwach
Scored 100+ Harvey Kaquitts3  0Triples Ryan Storch
Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette3  0Triples Casper
Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle2  2Triples Dean Spocchi
Scored 120+ Harvey Kaquitts2  2Triples Sarah Spocchi
Scored 120+ Gardner Poucette3  2Triples Lisa Storch
Scored 140+ Gabe Wesley1  6Scored 100+ Mike Salwach
Finish 61+ Harvey Kaquitts1  4Scored 100+ Ryan Storch
    5Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi
    3Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi
    2Scored 100+ Lisa Storch
    4Scored 120+ Mike Salwach
    1Scored 120+ Sarah Spocchi
    1Scored 140+ Dean Spocchi
    1Finish 61+ Dean Spocchi
Here For Beer
Here For Beer Ducks on the Roof
29-11-2021 00:00 Mindians
Mindians8 : 5Inglourious Darters
Doubles Colton Twoyoungmen1  0Doubles Kevin Dundass
Doubles Rowan Snow1  0Doubles Shannon Osiowy
Doubles Joel Fox1  0Doubles Erik Welmer
Doubles Reggie Smalleyes1  0Doubles Jason Evans
Doubles Jenny Smalleyes1  0Doubles Keith Galliott
Doubles Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  0Doubles Shawn Cooper
Singles Jenny Smalleyes1  0Singles Keith Galliott
Singles Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon0  1Singles Erik Welmer
Singles Rowan Snow0  1Singles Shawn Cooper
Singles Colton Twoyoungmen1  0Singles Jason Evans
Singles Reggie Smalleyes1  0Singles Shannon Osiowy
Singles Joel Fox1  1Singles Kevin Dundass
Triples Rowan Snow0  1Triples Jason Evans
Triples Colton Twoyoungmen0  1Triples Shannon Osiowy
Triples Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon0  1Triples Shawn Cooper
Triples Joel Fox2  1Triples Keith Galliott
Triples Reggie Smalleyes2  1Triples Kevin Dundass
Triples Jenny Smalleyes2  1Triples Erik Welmer
Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes4  6Scored 100+ Keith Galliott
Scored 100+ Joel Fox1  2Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper
Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes1  1Scored 100+ Erik Welmer
Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen5  2Scored 100+ Kevin Dundass
Scored 100+ Rowan Snow1  1Scored 120+ Shawn Cooper
Scored 100+ Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  1Scored 120+ Jason Evans
Scored 120+ Reggie Smalleyes1  1Scored 140+ Shawn Cooper
Scored 120+ Joel Fox2  1Finish 61+ Keith Galliott
Scored 120+ Rowan Snow4    
Scored 140+ Joel Fox1    
Finish 61+ Jenny Smalleyes1    
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters Royal Canadian Legion
29-11-2021 00:00
Old Darts
Old Darts
Old Darts6 : 7Bragg Abouts
Doubles Eric George1  0Doubles Roy Dennis
Doubles Dawn Gillard1  0Doubles Simon Showell
Doubles Roy Perkins1  0Doubles Shelley David
Doubles John Lambert1  0Doubles Lee Edwards
Doubles Rod Baker0  1Doubles Roy Dennis
Doubles Deanna Gillard0  1Doubles Lee Edwards
Singles Dawn Gillard0  1Singles Simon Showell
Singles Eric George1  0Singles Shelley David
Singles John Lambert0  1Singles Lee Edwards
Singles Roy Perkins0  1Singles Simon Showell
Singles Deanna Gillard0  1Singles Shelley David
Singles Rod Baker0  0Triples Roy Dennis
Triples John Lambert2  0Triples Shelley David
Triples Dawn Gillard2  1Triples Lee Edwards
Triples Roy Perkins2  1Triples Simon Showell
Triples Eric George1  1Scored 100+ Simon Showell
Triples Deanna Gillard1  3Scored 100+ Roy Dennis
Triples Rod Baker1    
Scored 100+ Dawn Gillard1    
Scored 100+ John Lambert3    
Scored 100+ Eric George3    
Scored 100+ Roy Perkins2    
Scored 120+ John Lambert1    
Scored 120+ Eric George2    
Scored 120+ Deanna Gillard1    
Scored 140+ John Lambert1    
Scored 140+ Eric George1    
Singles Roy Perkins1    
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts Cumbrian Arms Pub

Week 3

06-12-2021 00:00
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters9 : 4I Quit
Doubles Shannon Osiowy0  1Doubles Clinton Dixon
Doubles Kevin Dundass0  1Doubles Eldrena Dixon
Doubles Keith Galliott1  0Doubles Emilio Dixon
Doubles Jason Evans1  0Doubles Tonya Simeon
Doubles Shawn Cooper1  0Doubles Orrin Fox
Doubles Erik Welmer1  0Doubles Spare
Singles Keith Galliott1  0Singles Eldrena Dixon
Singles Kevin Dundass0  1Singles Clinton Dixon
Singles Erik Welmer0  1Singles Emilio Dixon
Singles Shannon Osiowy0  1Singles Spare
Singles Shawn Cooper1  0Singles Orrin Fox
Singles Jason Evans1  0Singles Tonya Simeon
Triples Keith Galliott2  0Triples Clinton Dixon
Triples Kevin Dundass2  0Triples Emilio Dixon
Triples Jason Evans2  0Triples Orrin Fox
Triples Erik Welmer2  0Triples Spare
Triples Shawn Cooper2  0Triples Tonya Simeon
Triples Shannon Osiowy2  0Triples Eldrena Dixon
Scored 100+ Keith Galliott2  1Scored 100+ Clinton Dixon
Scored 120+ Kevin Dundass1    
Scored 100+ Jason Evans1    
Scored 120+ Jason Evans1    
Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper1    
Scored 100+ Erik Welmer1    
Scored 140+ Erik Welmer1    
I Quit
I Quit Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
06-12-2021 00:00 Darty Deeds
Darty Deeds10 : 3Here For Beer
Doubles Eugene Earnshaw1  3Scored 100+ Barry Bryan
Doubles Russ Baldwin1  3Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi
Doubles Andy Harris0  2Scored 100+ Sarah Spocchi
Doubles Lori Earnshaw0  3Scored 120+ Barry Brennan
Doubles Ellison Smith1  1Scored 120+ Ryan Storch
Doubles Dana Pasutto1  3Scored 120+ Dean Spocchi
Singles Dwayne Eliuk1  3Scored 140+ Barry Brennan
Singles Andy Harris1  1Finish 61+ Dean Spocchi
Singles Lori Earnshaw1  0Doubles Ryan Storch
Singles Eugene Earnshaw1  0Doubles Sarah Spocchi
Singles Dana Pasutto0  1Doubles Barry Brennan
Singles Ellison Smith1  1Finish 61+ Barry Brennan
Triples Ellison Smith1  1Doubles Lisa Storch
Triples Lori Earnshaw1  0Doubles Dean Spocchi
Triples Andy Harris1  0Doubles Sarah Spocchi
Triples Russ Baldwin1  0Singles Dean Spocchi
Triples Dwayne Eliuk2  0Singles Ryan Storch
Triples Eugene Earnshaw2  0Singles Lisa Storch
Triples Dana Pasutto2  0Singles Sarah Spocchi
Scored 100+ Eugene Earnshaw2  1Singles Barry Brennan
Scored 100+ Dwayne Eliuk4  0Singles Dean Spocchi
Scored 100+ Andy Harris3  0Triples Ryan Storch
Scored 100+ Dana Pasutto3  0Triples Dean Spocchi
Scored 100+ Lori Earnshaw2  0Triples Lisa Storch
Scored 120+ Eugene Earnshaw1  1Triples Barry Brennan
Scored 120+ Andy Harris1  1Triples Sarah Spocchi
Scored 140+ Eugene Earnshaw1    
Scored 140+ Dwayne Eliuk2    
Finish 61+ Andy Harris1    
Finish 100+ Eugene Earnshaw1    
Here For Beer
Here For Beer Cumbrian Arms Pub
06-12-2021 00:00
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered8 : 5Th Flying Rippy's Rejects
Doubles Brian Eddison0  1Doubles Matthew Seewalt
Doubles Kevin Beckedorf0  1Doubles Mark Buitenhuis
Doubles Natoshia (Bear) Powder0  1Doubles Dany Messier
Doubles Matt McQue0  1Doubles Spare
Doubles Donna Eddison0  1Doubles Craig Zenner
Doubles Taien Fox0  0Singles Spare
Singles Matt McQue1  0Singles Dany Messier
Singles Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Singles Spare
Singles Kevin Beckedorf0  0Singles Matthew Seewalt
Singles Donna Eddison1  0Singles Craig Zenner
Singles Brian Eddison1  0Singles Mark Buitenhuis
Singles Taien Fox1  0Triples Matthew Seewalt
Triples Brian Eddison1  0Triples Mark Buitenhuis
Triples Kevin Beckedorf1  0Triples Dany Messier
Triples Natoshia (Bear) Powder1  1Triples Spare
Triples Donna Eddison2  1Triples Spare
Triples Taien Fox2  1Triples Craig Zenner
Triples Matt McQue2  3Scored 100+ Craig Zenner
Scored 100+ Matt McQue2  3Scored 100+ Mark Buitenhuis
Scored 100+ Brian Eddison4  1Scored 120+ Dany Messier
Scored 100+ Donna Eddison1  1Scored 120+ Mark Buitenhuis
Scored 120+ Brian Eddison2  1Scored 140+ Matthew Seewalt
Scored 180 Taien Fox1    
Th Flying Rippy's Rejects Royal Canadian Legion
06-12-2021 00:00
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts5 : 8Mindians
Doubles Tibor Lichter1    
Doubles Simon Showell1    
Doubles Roy Dennis1    
Doubles Lee Edwards1    
Doubles Tibor Lichter0    
Doubles Shelley David0    
Singles Simon Showell0    
Singles Shelley David0    
Singles Roy Dennis1    
Singles Tibor Lichter1    
Singles Lee Edwards0    
Singles Roy Dennis0    
Triples Roy Dennis0    
Triples Tibor Lichter0    
Triples Simon Showell0    
Triples Shelley David0    
Triples Lee Edwards0    
Scored 100+ Roy Dennis4    
Scored 100+ Tibor Lichter2    
Scored 120+ Roy Dennis2    
Scored 120+ Tibor Lichter1    
Scored 120+ Simon Showell1    
Scored 120+ Lee Edwards1    
Scored 180 Roy Dennis1    
Mindians The Venue
06-12-2021 00:00 3 Darts to the Wind
3 Darts to the Wind4 : 9Old Darts
Doubles Rick Kraemer0  1Doubles John Lambert
Doubles Jeanette Flynn0  1Doubles Rod Baker
Doubles Todd Flynn0  1Doubles Eric George
Doubles Ivan Bennett0  1Doubles Dawn Gillard
Doubles Iris Bennett1  0Doubles Andy Bartholomew
Doubles Dennis Brawett1  0Doubles Roy Perkins
Singles Rick Kraemer1  0Singles Rod Baker
Singles Herb Smith0  1Singles John Lambert
Singles Todd Flynn0  1Singles Dawn Gillard
Singles Ivan Bennett0  1Singles Eric George
Singles Dennis Brawett0  0Singles Roy Perkins
Singles Iris Bennett1  1Singles Andy Bartholomew
Triples Rick Kraemer1  1Triples John Lambert
Triples Ivan Bennett1  1Triples Rod Baker
Triples Jeanette Flynn1  1Triples Roy Perkins
Triples Todd Flynn0  2Triples Eric George
Triples Dennis Brawett0  2Triples Dawn Gillard
Triples Herb Smith0  2Triples Andy Bartholomew
Triples Iris Bennett0  2Scored 100+ Rod Baker
Scored 100+ Rick Kraemer6  6Scored 100+ John Lambert
Scored 100+ Iris Bennett1  1Scored 100+ Andy Bartholomew
Scored 100+ Todd Flynn1  1Scored 100+ Eric George
Scored 100+ Jeanette Flynn2  1Scored 120+ John Lambert
Scored 120+ Rick Kraemer1  1Scored 120+ Andy Bartholomew
Scored 120+ Herb Smith1    
Finish 61+ Rick Kraemer1    
Finish 100+ Jeanette Flynn1    
Old Darts
Old Darts Ducks on the Roof

Week 4

13-12-2021 00:00
Here For Beer
Here For Beer
Here For Beer11 : 2Armmed 'N' Hammered
Doubles Dave Parker1  0Doubles Matt McQue
Doubles Shelli Parker1  0Doubles Taien Fox
Doubles Barry Brennan1  0Doubles Donna Eddison
Doubles Lisa Storch1  0Doubles Brian Eddison
Doubles Ryan Storch1  0Doubles Matt McQue
Doubles Mike Salwach1  0Doubles Kevin Beckedorf
Singles Dean Spocchi1  0Singles Brian Eddison
Singles Mike Salwach1  0Singles Donna Eddison
Singles Ryan Storch1  0Singles Taien Fox
Singles Barry Bryan1  0Singles Kevin Beckedorf
Singles Sarah Spocchi1  0Singles Brian Eddison
Singles Dave Parker1  0Singles Matt McQue
Triples Dave Parker1  2Triples Brian Eddison
Triples Mike Salwach1  2Triples Taien Fox
Triples Ryan Storch1  0Triples Donna Eddison
Triples Sarah Spocchi1  0Triples Matt McQue
Triples Barry Brennan1  0Triples Kevin Beckedorf
Triples Dean Spocchi1  6Scored 100+ Brian Eddison
Triples Sarah Spocchi1  3Scored 120+ Brian Eddison
Triples Lisa Storch1  2Scored 100+ Donna Eddison
Scored 100+ Barry Brennan7  2Scored 140+ Taien Fox
Scored 140+ Barry Brennan2    
Finish 100+ Barry Brennan1    
Finish 100+ Dave Parker5    
Scored 120+ Dave Parker2    
Scored 140+ Dave Parker2    
Scored 100+ Mike Salwach3    
Scored 120+ Mike Salwach5    
Scored 100+ Ryan Storch3    
Scored 120+ Ryan Storch1    
Scored 100+ Dean Spocchi2    
Scored 180 Sarah Spocchi1    
Armmed 'N' Hammered
Armmed 'N' Hammered Ducks on the Roof
13-12-2021 00:00
1Eighty14 : 9Darty Deeds
Doubles Kliman Snow0  0Doubles Spare
Doubles Gardner Poucette0  0Singles Spare
Doubles Harvey Kaquitts0  1Doubles Ellison Smith
Doubles Gabe Wesley0  1Doubles Eugene Earnshaw
Doubles Tiffany LaBelle0  1Doubles Andy Harris
Singles Kliman Snow0  1Doubles Dwayne Eliuk
Singles Tiffany LaBelle0  1Doubles Lori Earnshaw
Singles Harvey Kaquitts1  1Doubles Dwayne Eliuk
Singles Gardner Poucette0  1Singles Eugene Earnshaw
Singles Gabe Wesley1  1Singles Andy Harris
Triples Gabe Wesley1  0Singles Lori Earnshaw
Triples Tiffany LaBelle1  1Singles Dwayne Eliuk
Triples Gardner Poucette1  1Singles Ellison Smith
Triples Harvey Kaquitts1  0Singles Eugene Earnshaw
Triples Kliman Snow1  0Triples Ellison Smith
Scored 100+ Harvey Kaquitts1  0Triples Andy Harris
Scored 120+ Harvey Kaquitts2  2Triples Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 180 Harvey Kaquitts1  2Triples Lori Earnshaw
Scored 100+ Gardner Poucette1  2Triples Dwayne Eliuk
Scored 120+ Gardner Poucette1  5Scored 100+ Dwayne Eliuk
Scored 100+ Gabe Wesley6  5Scored 100+ Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 120+ Gabe Wesley1  2Scored 140+ Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 120+ Kliman Snow1  1Scored 180 Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 100+ Tiffany LaBelle2  1Finish 61+ Eugene Earnshaw
Scored 120+ Tiffany LaBelle1  5Scored 100+ Andy Harris
    4Scored 120+ Andy Harris
    1Finish 100+ Andy Harris
    3Scored 100+ Ellison Smith
    1Finish 61+ Ellison Smith
Darty Deeds Ducks on the Roof
13-12-2021 00:00
I Quit
I Quit
I Quit4 : 9Bragg Abouts
Doubles Orrin Fox0  2Doubles Tibor Lichter
Doubles Emilio Dixon0  1Doubles Lee Edwards
Doubles Tonya Simeon0  2Doubles Roy Dennis
Doubles Clinton Dixon0  1Doubles Shelley David
Doubles Eldrena Dixon0  0Singles Shelley David
Singles Clinton Dixon1  1Singles Lee Edwards
Singles Tonya Simeon0  1Singles Tibor Lichter
Singles Emilio Dixon0  1Singles Roy Dennis
Singles Orrin Fox0  0Singles Shelley David
Singles Eldrena Dixon1  1Triples Lee Edwards
Triples Clinton Dixon0  1Triples Shelley David
Triples Tonya Simeon0  2Triples Roy Dennis
Triples Emilio Dixon0  2Triples Tibor Lichter
Triples Orrin Fox1  2Scored 100+ Shelley David
Triples Eldrena Dixon1  1Scored 120+ Shelley David
    4Scored 100+ Roy Dennis
    1Scored 120+ Roy Dennis
    6Scored 100+ Tibor Lichter
    1Scored 120+ Tibor Lichter
    1Scored 100+ Lee Edwards
    1Scored 140+ Lee Edwards
Bragg Abouts
Bragg Abouts Texas Gate/Rockyview Hotel
13-12-2021 00:00 Mindians
Mindians10 : 33 Darts to the Wind
Doubles Rowan Snow0  1Doubles Rick Kraemer
Doubles Jenny Smalleyes0  1Doubles Iris Bennett
Doubles Joel Fox1  0Doubles Dennis Brawett
Doubles Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  0Doubles Ivan Bennett
Doubles Colton Twoyoungmen1  0Doubles Spare
Doubles Reggie Smalleyes1  0Doubles Jennifer Wiseman
Singles Joel Fox1  0Singles Rick Kraemer
Singles Rowan Snow1  0Singles Iris Bennett
Singles Jenny Smalleyes1  0Singles Dennis Brawett
Singles Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  0Singles Ivan Bennett
Singles Colton Twoyoungmen1  0Singles Herb Smith
Singles Reggie Smalleyes1  0Singles Spare
Triples Rowan Snow1  2Triples Rick Kraemer
Triples Jenny Smalleyes1  2Triples Dennis Brawett
Triples Reggie Smalleyes1  2Triples Spare
Triples Joel Fox1  0Triples Iris Bennett
Triples Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1  0Triples Ivan Bennett
Triples Colton Twoyoungmen1  0Triples Herb Smith
Scored 100+ Joel Fox4  3Scored 100+ Dennis Brawett
Scored 120+ Joel Fox1  1Scored 120+ Dennis Brawett
Scored 140+ Joel Fox1  2Scored 100+ Iris Bennett
Finish 61+ Joel Fox1  3Scored 100+ Rick Kraemer
Scored 100+ Jenny Smalleyes2  4Scored 120+ Rick Kraemer
Scored 120+ Jenny Smalleyes1  2Scored 100+ Ivan Bennett
Scored 180 Jenny Smalleyes1    
Scored 100+ Rowan Snow2    
Scored 120+ Rowan Snow2    
Scored 100+ Colton Twoyoungmen5    
Scored 100+ Reggie Smalleyes2    
Scored 100+ Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1    
Scored 120+ Sarah Lagrelle-Dixon1    
3 Darts to the Wind Royal Canadian Legion
13-12-2021 00:00 Th Flying Rippy's Rejects
Th Flying Rippy's Rejects8 : 5Inglourious Darters
Doubles Matthew Seewalt1  0Doubles Kevin Dundass
Doubles Mark Buitenhuis1  0Doubles Erik Welmer
Doubles Dany Messier1  1Doubles Jason Evans
Doubles Craig Zenner1  1Doubles Keith Galliott
Doubles Mark Buitenhuis1  0Doubles Shannon Osiowy
Singles Matthew Seewalt0  0Doubles Shawn Cooper
Singles Mark Buitenhuis1  1Singles Erik Welmer
Singles Dany Messier0  0Singles Jason Evans
Singles Craig Zenner0  0Singles Kevin Dundass
Singles Matthew Seewalt0  1Singles Keith Galliott
Triples Matthew Seewalt0  1Singles Shawn Cooper
Triples Mark Buitenhuis0  1Singles Shannon Osiowy
Triples Dany Messier0  2Triples Erik Welmer
Triples Craig Zenner1  2Triples Keith Galliott
Scored 100+ Matthew Seewalt3  2Triples Shannon Osiowy
Scored 120+ Matthew Seewalt2  1Triples Kevin Dundass
Scored 140+ Matthew Seewalt1  1Triples Shawn Cooper
Finish 61+ Matthew Seewalt1  1Triples Jason Evans
Scored 100+ Mark Buitenhuis2  3Scored 100+ Kevin Dundass
Scored 120+ Mark Buitenhuis1  1Scored 100+ Erik Welmer
Scored 140+ Mark Buitenhuis2  1Scored 120+ Erik Welmer
Scored 100+ Dany Messier1  1Scored 100+ Shawn Cooper
Scored 120+ Dany Messier1  1Scored 120+ Shawn Cooper
Scored 100+ Craig Zenner3  1Scored 100+ Jason Evans
    3Scored 100+ Keith Galliott
    1Scored 120+ Keith Galliott
    1Finish 61+ Keith Galliott
    1Triples Spare
Inglourious Darters
Inglourious Darters Ducks on the Roof
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